Sidewall - Pocket Conveyor (Flexowell Conveyor)



This type of Belt Conveyor is generally used in heavy duty applications (quarry, mine and in all plants as well) and also when we face short conveying distances and heights because of the simplicity of the chassis. Also this type of equipment is favourable in case the material to be transported does not have dust particles and also in situations that the space is extremely narrow. There are lots of accessories that accompanies the Open Flexowell Conveyor such as self-alignment troughing sets, safety alignment wheel from special plastic, counterweight and automatic tension devices, impact rollers, several cleaning and pre cleaning systems (drum scrapers), safety sensors (pull rope switches, speed sensor, belt misalignment sensors, outlet hopper choke and level sensors), lots of choices in driving systems ( Helical bevel Gear Reducer with Hydraulic Coupling , Parallel shaft Gear Reducer with Taper Lock, Parallel shaft Gear Reducer with SPB Belts driven etc.), Rock Box adjustable in height Feed Chute or Plain adjustable in height Feed Chute, Outlet Hopper Rock Box type or Plain, Lining in inlet or outlet hopper, Rubber Skirting Systems and plenty more. Also the Open Flexowell Conveyor may be delivered in Stainless Steel, Hot Deep Galvanised Steel, and Sand Blasted Steel Structure with all the types of painting included in our variety.