When there is a need of biggest stocking ability comparing to a simple pile belt conveyor we are obligated to use the pivoting Stacker. Pivoting Stackers offer double or even triple stacking ability comparing to simple belt conveyors. The concept of this type of equipment is very simple. We introduce special heavy duty truck wheels to the main brackets of the Stacker and one special mill bearing to the rotation center. This way we may provide even up to 300 degrees of rotation or even more in some cases. The length of the Pivoted Stacker can be easily adjusted according to the demands of our partners. Special wheels, shaft wheels, heavy duty bearings, several sensing equipment (belt misalignment, pull rope switches, rotation sensors, analogical or digital instrument of measuring the pile, terminal sensors), planetary geared motors for pivoting, counterweights and plenty more sophisticated equipment provide reliable and safe operation. Pivoting stackers are our core business and we may offer the best quality in the best selling price.