Seretoulis V. Prokopidis S. PC is one of the most competitive and reliable partner of the Lime industry by means of conveying solutions and more. Our experience in Lime and Hydrated Lime Plants is very thorough since we have worked in detail for more than 10 years in this area with also constant presence in several Lime Factories. The area of this particular field is one of the most demanding in modern industries. Extreme lengths and heights together with the heavy irritating environment consists a demanding and harsh surrounding where only heavy duty equipment can operate without bothering the working personnel. Plenty of our equipment is designed and operates in the Lime industry. This machinery is:

  1. Belt Conveyor (all types).
  2. Chain Bucket Elevator.
  3. Belt Bucket Elevator.
  4. Flexowell Conveyor.
  5. Screw Conveyor (all types).
  6. Chain Conveyor.
  7. Air Slides System.
  8. Aeration Box for Air Slides.
  9. Aeration Box – Diverter for Air Slides.
  10. Rotary Bottom or Side discharger.
  11. Bag Filter.
  12. Automatic Dumper and Material Diverter.
  13. Solid Fuels Handling System such as Air transportation, Mixer, Agitation System, Fuel Distribution system.
  14. Dosing System with Weight System in terms of Belt Feeder, Screw Feeder, Loss in weight System and plenty more.
  15. Skip Elevator for rising up to the top of Kiln the Limestone.
  16. Variety of Steel Structure.
  17. Storage System and Agitation System.

Seretoulis V. Prokopidis S. PC treats the individual needs of its customers as its own and develops the ideal transportation plan for each individual application. We can draw on a whole series of tried and true systems that our engineering team can turn into tailor-made transport solutions based on its wealth of expertise and experience. Seretoulis V. Prokopidis S. PC is also on hand for its customers at any time when it comes to operation, service and long-term improvement strategies, because we always focus on good customer support. . Finally in this particular field we may offer our full services in turn key projects by choosing and consulting also the Calcining and Hydrating equipment (Kiln, Hydrator, and Separation Process) and to define the whole project from A to Z according to our pronounced customers needs.