This strange and quite complex type of Belt Conveyor is generally used in heavy duty applications (quarry, mine and in all plants as well) when we need to transport the material in the production line first horizontally, then inclined or even vertically and finally horizontally again before the discharge. This will enhance the need of the Flexowell Conveyor especially if there is also narrow space. By using the sidewall-pocket Belt Conveyor we use only one machine instead of two or even three and thus we minimise the cost, the space, the maintenance periods, the mandatory spare parts and plenty more. We provide a lot of simple and though sophisticated parts of each system that provide perfect operation, less maintenance and downtime. We always focus on the customer needs and always provide a tailor – made solution according to the differences of the material and specifications. Each conveying system is a unitary situation for us with lots of details to be examined and thoroughly solved. This is the key to a successful Flexowell Conveyor.