The increasing need of stocking bulk materials has created the necessity of the construction of the proper machinery to perform the application. Stackers of several types have filled the gap of this need of industry. Their main work is to stock bulk material but they are very useful in other aspects as well. According to the operation they can offer more homogenous pile when the demand of the market is material with proper granulation and more stable material in terms of chemical and physical properties. Also automatic loading of ships, rails and several means of transportation is a necessity these days. Stackers may stock, feed, load with the minimum cost and also handle the material to be sent to the final customer in the greatest of quality. We have devoted ourselves in engineering of this exceptional machinery. Especially in this product we always offer tailor-made stackers in order our partners to be fully satisfied.  There are several types of stacking equipment and also there are plenty accessories to be used for proper and safe operation.