Hydraulic Mooving Floors

Moving floor is a hydraulically-driven conveyance system for moving bulk material or palletized product, which can be used in a warehouse, loading dock or semi-trailer. It automates and facilitates loading and unloading of palletized goods and bulks. The moving floor is divided into several sets (from 2 up to as many as necessary) of narrow floor slats, with every third slat connected together, hydraulically powered to move forward and backward either in unison, or alternately. When all sets move in unison, the load is moved upon them in the direction the operator wishes. Slat retraction (during which the load does not move) is accomplished by moving only one set of slats at a time. (The friction of the load on the two stationary sets of slats keeps the load from moving while a single set of slats alternately slides past.). The usual case though when bulk material is to be conveyed (pellets, wood chips, saw, light minerals) – fed is that every even slat moves oppositely from every odd slat. By this movement we also gain more homogenous feeding. As it is obvious the Hydraulic Moving Floor is mostly a feeding machine. Proper Hydraulic System with the necessary hydraulic piston provides the travelling of the floor. Several sensors and gadgets provide proper and maintenance free operation. Less friction and subsequently less electrical consumption and better guiding is achieved via special plastics bolted in the frames of the floor and the guiding brackets as well.