Spare Parts Sales

We have put a lot of effort and we have invest significantly on our spare parts support to all our partners and all of our equipment. We guarantee of lifetime supply of spare parts to all our installed equipment and we are always giving the best possible price and above all the best possible delivery time in order for our customers to minimise their downtime loss. Plenty of our spare parts are always at stock in our facilities in order to have only the transportation time to deal with. Also we are able to supply a lot of commercial spare parts such as motors, gear reducers, bearings, rollers, gaskets, spiral screws, belts, transportation chains, Filter Bags, Air Slide fabric etc. so please do not hesitate to contact us because the price and delivery time most likely will happily surprise you. Of course we are very able to supply all our patented and engineered steel or machined parts such as buckets, pulleys, drums, clamps, shafts, scrapers, tensioning systems and plenty more.