Bag Filters

Seretoulis V Prokopidis S. PC Pollution Control Units aids all type of industries to operate in a clean and healthy environment without dust emissions. The main system to provide this type of operation is the Bag Filter. Our systems are continuously updated with state-of-the-art cleaning technology to ensure efficient cleaning. The Filters can be delivered completely assembled, partly assembled, or shipped as panels and key parts for on-site assembly. Our Bag Filters operates through our Controllers with a variety of choices to handle the air blowing to the Filter bags. There is a time control cleaning or a DP cleaning mode with plenty of trends for the operator to tune. There is also an option of ATEX Bag Filters and a variety of Filter dimensions in order to fit on all our customer needs. Thermal insulation with Rock wool is also available in case we need to avoid the dew point. According to the material to be handled or the conditions of the process we shall provide the correct element for the Bags. Seretoulis V Prokopidis S. PC will study the case of each situation and will provide the proper Bag Filter to suit to our partners.